Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creating An Alternate Dimension

Answer one of the questions below “sci-ent-ifi-cal-ly.”  
[Please do your very best as you will one day be famous for your “scientific discoveries.”]   


1. You have just discovered a brand new species in an alternate dimension.  What is it? What did you name it?  What does it look like?  Be creative and descriptive.  Until now, your “discovery” was completely unknown.  [EXAMPLE]  I just found a new species of pyro bugs that I call “Ghost Mimes” because they mock what they are about to engulf in flames - No worries though, their paranormal energy fields prevent them from doing any damage.  I believe them to be distantly related to fireflies.  Odd …

2. You have just discovered an unconventional method of travel to this alternate dimension.  How do you get to something that is outside of our own space and time?  [EXAMPLE]  I draw squiggly faces in the mirror and clap three times before turning off the light - Then I hop like the Easter bunny and sing about the Tooth Fairy with my eyes closed.  When I turn the light back on I am there.  Take the “Trippy” ...  

3. You have just discovered a new geographical feature of the alternate dimension.  What is it?  How did you find it?   [EXAMPLE]  I was singing to the “Ghost Mimes” [since you can only answer one question please use previous discoveries and do not make up two things in one post - it’s more fun that way - but you can say things like … ] since, I discovered that they sing back [which would be a discovery about a previous discovery, which is highly encouraged as we are all scientists here] and, lo and behold, this two-fold vocal energy emission triggered a miniature earthquake and from the dust arose a 4 foot tall volcano that spews the best hot sauce ever, but you can only harvest it if you keep singing, otherwise it promptly folds back into the earth.  I am calling this the “Hidden Magma Bottle Enigma.”  You have to bring your own bottle …

4. Look up.  What is in the sky?   [EXAMPLE]  I found star-like thingies that actually scream to you that if you don’t wish upon them then the ground will eat you.  This, of course, is not true …  Probably.  Wishing is great fun though, and you certainly receive ample warning, so I have no problem with this intelligent design.  I have dubbed them “Screaming Wish Harvesters.”  So far, I have only received wish vouchers in my mail here on Earth.  There must be a very complex postal system built into science.  Since I have no idea where to redeem them I plan on offering them sacrificially to the “Hidden Magma Bottle Enigma” in hopes for, at least, more descriptive vouchers.

The World In Between Here And There

PLEASE refrain from naming the alternate dimension (just yet, on here, anyways) because eventually there will be a contest for such a  feat.  The best name will incorporate all of the answers into one phrase.  Winners will receive, among other more tangible items, a free VIP trip there.  You can, of course, visit at anytime.  Have fun and be safe! 

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