Friday, July 27, 2012

"Thank You So Much, You Inspire Me"



You have a passion that I would really 
Love to get to know
A certain part I see in your heart

That’s in your heart that I don’t want
To let go

Here’s a season without reason
Unfolding right before your eyes
A sudden changing, rearranging
All my heart’s desires

An end to past something that
Lasts is what I’m praying for
You give me hope, a
Way to cope, Maybe an opened door.

You give me a peace, a new release
That I just can’t explain
A different feel that is so real
Like a cleansing rain

But there are some things that I must
Work and put and to,
On please don’t panic, no need to be
Frantic; Cause I really want
To know you.

By Michael Myers

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